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Government Car from local Abbeville, LA we sell Vehicles On Auction nationwide. Endorsed by the Louisiana Association of Chief of Police.

Abbeville, Abbeville, Louisiana truck crash
Driving to Walmart from are house at 9:55 p.m with my sister in law and her mother and we came up on this at the light. Just happened the guy was still in the truck getting worked on. People...
Joint Joint Press Conference Regarding 6/23 Shooting
Multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office and Louisiana State Police, held a press conference involving the shooting death of deputy Allen Bares, Jr.
Lowes Lowes Shoplifting Scammer
The security department catches a guy trying to return an item that he shoplifted a few days earlier. He thinks his plan is super clever, but people try shit like this all the time and I'm...
Jeff Jeff Davish Parish Sheriff
sheriff pulled a U-turn to go stop a car that was speeding.
Why Why Trains are so Expensive
Get an exclusive 7-day free trial of Videoblocks: I started a brand new podcast with Brian from Real Engineering. In the first episode we talk...