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Ex Police Vehicles from local Amite City, LA we sell Police Cars And Trucks nationwide. Endorsed by the Louisiana Association of Chief of Police.

Twisted Twisted Dragon Wheelie Amite,La
Southern Monster Truck Showdown Amite,La 7-8-2011.
Sheriff's Sheriff's office auctions off seized vehicles
Up for auction... A number of vehicles seized by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office could be yours. The sheriff's office will auction off 12 vehicles and a motor home Saturday morning.Five...
2016 2016 Louisiana flood Pearl River police officer
This guy does not quit. Officer Perkins was also flooded (over 4ft in his house) but cares more to help others. You have to listen to this all the way. He is remarkable. All my guys are the...
Tornado Tornado Spotted Over I-55 Bridge in Louisiana
Credit: Chad Benny Nicolosi At least three people were killed after a damaging storm system spawned tornadoes in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida on Tuesday. A tornado that touched down...
Man Man arrested for murder, brutal attack
Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man in the murder of a 22-year-old Platte City woman last summer and the assault of a 21-year-old woman in Ferrelview last month.